Apr 012020

Hello! My name is Renee’ Roberts, I was born and raised a Hamiltonian.  I started working at City Drug the summer before I turned 15, in the fountain with Molly Dalton. Soon after school started I began working in the pharmacy, with Mr. Kiefer, this began my love for the public. I was a pharmacy technician for 15 years. When I became pregnant with my second to youngest daughter I decided to take a different turn. I opened an in home daycare and pursued the passion and love I have for children. I had a daycare for 8 years. Missing the public, my mom and  I share a love of cooking, we along with my grandparents opened Rosie Jo’s!! And what fun and hard work this has been!!  Along side this, I have worked 3 years at Circle T. This has given me much experience with a variety of people and crowds, serving others is joy I have. 

I am eager to begin this new adventure!! I have a love for people and tend to be a workaholic!! I am looking forward to what the future holds!!